The most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world, Brasov International Film Festival & Market, is now open for submissions.

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The films selected to participate in the Festival are guaranteed a distribution contract proposal from Global Film Distribution, a Division of Global Film Studio Inc.

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The 6th edition of the Festival takes place September 14 – 24, 2017.

Feature films, feature documentaries and feature animation films are welcome as well as short films and short documentaries.

The Festival is being held exclusively on-line and on its Vimeo Channel where all films selected to participate are screened for the duration of the event at: BRIFF – VOD

Film submissions are accepted via:




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Film Festival Life

The Festival, founded by film director Bruno Pischiutta and producer Daria Trifu in 2012, showcases nonviolent films and demonstrates how those movies are not only capable of great international success, but are also in high demand by the public.

Since 2015, the Festival, in partnership with the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund is handing the ‘Rising Star Award’ to one emerging filmmaker. Among other perks, the Awards also consists in a $250 cash prize. In addition, in partnership with InkTip, two participating filmmakers will receive an InkTip Script Listing: A listing of his/her script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find them.

All the selected films will be featured in the 2017/2018 edition of Daria! magazine that will be published in August 2017 and it will be available online. The current issue may be read here: Daria! 2016/2017

The Festival has been recognized by the IMDB and all the awards handed each year are listed there. Visit the Festival’s IMDB profile.

Brasov International Film Festival & Market is owned and organized by Global Film Studio Inc.

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